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Wood Chipper Machine

Wood chipper machine works: from the inlet into the timber, when the wood cutter cut by exposure to films, with the cutting disc cutter for cutting high-speed rotation, the cutting of wood chips in the cutting room by the cutting cutter blades on the
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Our disc wood chipper machine produced a series of chipper is a specialized production of high quality wood chips wood chipper, widely used in paper, particleboard, MDF and other industrial production, stock preparation section in the wood and a single production base, cutting the main raw material is the log. 

Model Hourly production (tons) Auxiliary power Machine weight(kg) Spindle speed Cutter diameter Blade (alloy steel)
800 3-6 22kw 550 480 800 4
950 5-8 30kw 800 550 950 4
1100 6-9 45kw 1650 600 1100 4
1210 8-10 75kw 2100 600 1210 4
1410 10-15 90kw 2800 600 1410 4

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