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Which type pellet mills is better

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 Which type pellet mills is better? flat die feed pellet machine or ring die feed pellet machine?           

(1) Flat die pellet machine: the density of suppression of concentrated feed is great because of its low speed, small production and large pressure. Flat die pellet machine adapts to the different material in every aspects because of its simple structure and adjustable pressure.

(2) Ring die pellet machine : high feed production. However, ring die pellet machine is not adjustable for those material which can pelletize in condition that provided a lot of pressure due to its structure limitation and unadjustable pressure.
Above all, the flat die pellet machine possesses the advantages of structure and pressure, but less output, generally in the 300-300 kg. So completing the production of over 3 tons, you can choose the ring die pellet machine, which is limited to this material pressed easily such as a corn stalk granulation or corn stover.