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Small hammer mill machine for poultry feed

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Hammer mill machine:
Our hammer mill is the special grinding equipment for materials of < 50 mm (diameter),< 300 mm (length), such as tree trimmings, wood pieces, wood chips, wheat straw, rice straw, crop stalks, rice husk, cotton stalk, cottonseed skins and so on.This hammer mill contains some rotors which are mounted by many hammers. The hammers swing following with the rotor at a high speed. And then the materials fed into a feed hopper are shred by the hammers. At last the materials are expelled out and sieved by the exhaust fan and screen.

1.Compact design with high production efficiency, easy operation and maintenance;
2.Quenched manganese steel hammers with hardness HRC56-62 ,shows excellent wear-resistance;
3.Upper and lower housing made from cast iron or carbon steel for long service life;
4.Different mesh screens available
5.Electric motor or engine powered