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How to make agricultural waste into fuel pellets

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How to make agricultural waste into fuel pellets?                                                                           
(1) Gather the raw material to be used and reduce the size. Chip or shred the raw materials until the pieces are no larger than 1 inch (2.5 cm).
(2) Dry the material by sun or with a dryer. Moisture content should be 10 to 20 percent for making biomass pellets. 
(3) Feed the material through a batch mixer. 
(4) Pouring it into the mixer will ensure all of the wood pieces become uniform and consistent in density, moisture and size. 
(5) Produce the pellets using a wood pellet mill or, for smaller batches, a pellet press that includes a die and roller. 
(6) Sieve the pellets that did not form properly. 
(7) Cool the pellets thoroughly, you can choose a wood pellet dryer.
(8) Bag and store the pellets.