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How to install pellet mills

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How to install flat die pellet machine ?                                                        
(1) The ground must be dry and smooth.
(2) The motor parts of flat die pellet machine should be wired in accordance with the provisions.The conductor and outlet must be in good insulation.
(3) All fasteners must be solid and reliable.
(4) Make sure that direction of rotation of the main shaft agrees with that of the tag on the machine.
(5) All moving parts should be flexible to rotate after installation.

How to adjust the flat die pellet machine ?                                                             
(1) The adjustment of the die wheel clearance: by adjusting two hex bolt on trunnion seat (general clearance is about 0.1-0.3 mm).
(2) The adjustment of diffusion knife: Loosen screw above feed opening and adjust the upper and lower position of it.