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How to choose feed pellet making machine

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First, it depends on its  output. generally , flat die pellet mill is suitable for small and medium-sized farms, because its output does not big, so the output of flat die pelelt mills can meet. In addition, the large feed port of the flat-die granulator is perpendicular to the granulating part, which makes granulation fast and convenient, and can also be added manually, and the feeding is convenient. It is worth mentioning that the pellet feed made by the flat die pellet machine has higher hardness, smooth surface, not need water and oil injection, and is very suitable for farmers with small demand.
Second. consider feed raw materials. the proportion of straw meal in feed materials is relatively large. Simple straw meal granulator or flat die pellet mills can be considered, which is mainly based on its cutting level. If you need to use ring die pellet mills machine, it is necessary to equip with forced feeder and uniform speed feeder and other equipment.
Third. consider dust. The hermeticity of ring die pellet machine is better than that of flat die pellet machine. There will not be too much dust in granulation production. Moreover, ring die pellet machine is usually connected with steam engine or boiler in farmer or feed factory. In order to mix water vapor into feed, it can not only improve the maturity of feed, but also improve feed quality. The gloss of the material.