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Diesel Pellet Mill Machine

small animal feed pellet mill is also called flat diepellet machine or wood pellet press machine, which is used to compress various materials into solid pellets. There are different types of small animal feed pellet mill, some are designed for feed pe
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Diesel feed pellet machine work with diesel motor, it is good machine for small poultry farm.

Advantages of small feed pellet mill:

1. Reliable quality of broad use, high efficiency 

2. 24 hours continuous running

3. Competitive price with good quality

4. Low energy consumption and less manpower

5. Durable spare parts

6. Simple and automatic operation 

7. Easy maintenance

8. Perfect technical design with less labor

9. Stable and durable equipment function


Technical data of mini feed pellet mill:


Model 200
Power (hp) 15
Sawdust (kg) 110-140
Feed (kg) 200-300
Die diameter(mm) 200
Die hole 2.5-10
Packaing size(cm) 118*56*95

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