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charcoal carbonization furnace

charcoal carbonization furnace

charcoal carbonization furnace: Carbonization furnace is used for charring biomass briquette into smokeless charcoal briquette.This furnace is ideal equipment for wood briquettes to have anoxic distillation carbonization. Due to its rational structure, the furnace only needs little heat consumption.Energy that comes from firewood or gas heating.

charcoal making line:(1)crusher machine(2)dryer machine(3)sawdust briquette machine(4)charcoal carbonization furnace.

Main Technical Parameter:

Model THL-3 THL-5 THL-8
Power 4kw 5kw 7.5
Capacity 500-600kg/day 1000kg/day 1500 kg/day
Net/Gross Weight 4000/4500kg 6000/6500kg 8000/8500kg
Package Dimension(mm) 2500*1820*2100 3000*2000*2200