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Two type small feed pellet mill machine

feed pellet mill machine

Two type small pellet mill:
The flat die wood pellet machine is the longest history during all the wood pellet machines. And it is also the most common pellet machines in the market. It is known for the simple structure stability, raw materials adaptability, output large output range etc.
There are two kinds of flat die wood pellet machines in the market, one is the flat die rotary, the other is the roller rotary. However these two kinds of machines are fit for different kinds of raw material:
The first type of flat die rotary flat die pellet machines, we also called it the feed pellet machines. We will give detail explanations in the small pellet machines.
The second type is the roller rotary flat die pellet machines, we also called it the wood pellet machines. The flat dies are fixed, but the rollers are rotary, so that the flat die can stand much more power. So it can stand some more powerful pressure, fit for the light raw material, such as wood sawdust, corns, stalks, husk etc

Different of two type pellet mill machine :
Flat die rotary flat die pellet machine:it is suitable to pelletizing softwood and crop wastes such as rice husk, peanut shell, straw, stalk, eucalyptus, cedar, spruce…It has low price but high capacity. It is also known as homemade pellet mill or home pellet maker.
Roller flat die flat die pellet mill machine: It is capable of processing hardwood including elm tree, oak, hickory, birch cypress…The pellets made by R-type pellet mill is featured with smoother surface and higher density. The price is relatively higher than D-type. If you plan to make medium to large scale pellets with premium quality and good looking, this R-type pellet machine is what you need!

Flat die rotary flat die pellet machine main technical data:

Model Mold Diameter
Power (kw) Output (kg/h) Size (mm) Weight (kg)
SKJ105G 105 2.2 60-100 600X450X900 100
SKJ120G 120 3 70-100 1150*300*550 150
SKJ150G 150 7.5 100-300 1260*400*650 200
SKJ200G 193 11 300-500 1300*500*850 350
SKJ250G 250 15 400-700 1400*600*1000 440
SKJ280G 280 22 500-800 1680*600*1200 520
SKJ300G 300 30 600-1000 1860*670*1600 600

Roller die rotary flat die pellet machine main technical data:

Model Power (kw) Output (kg/h) Pellet diameter (mm) Weight (kg) Notes
SKJ200R 11 50-100 Φ2-4 120 K serial reducer
SKJ250R 15 100-150 Φ2-6 460 K serial reducer
SKJ300R 22 150-200 Φ2-8 800 K serial reducer
SKJ350R 30 200-400 Φ4-12 1200 Auto lubrication
SKJ400R 37 400-600 Φ4-12 1400 Auto lubrication
SKJ450R 45 500-700 Φ4-12 1600 Auto lubrication
SKJ550R 55 600-800 Φ4-15 2000 Auto lubrication
SKJ650R 75 800-1000 Φ8-20 2800 Auto lubrication
SKJ800R 90 1000-1200 Φ8-20 3800 Auto lubrication