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Sawdust briquette machine materials requirements

sawdust briquette machine materials requirements

Information of sawdust briquette machine:
1. Sawdust briquette machine takes wood, sawdust, rice husk, peanut shell, plant stalk, paper, and other woodiness carbon containing materials as feeding materials (no any additives) to make stick shape biomass sawdust briquettes.
2. This wood briquette machine or sawdust briquette machine is the extruding type machine and it needs high temperature to extrude the briquettes out. And there are three heating rings providing the high temperature.
3. The outlet briquettes has the features of high density, small volume, good flammability, which can take place of fuel wood and coal.
4. The common diameter of sawdust briquettes is 50-80mm, and the shape can be square, rectangular, round with a hole in the center.

Materials Requirements:
Point 1 The raw materials of sawdust briquette machine can be sawdust, wood, wood branchs, leaves, coconut shell, peanut shell, bagasse, rice husk, corn stalk, grain stems and other agriculture wastes.
Point 2 The inlet material size of sawdust briquette machine should be less than 5mm. If the raw materials are bigger size, they need to be crushed firstly.
Point 3 The inlet moisture of raw materials must be less than 15%, otherwise, the outlet briquettes are easy broken and have cracks. So before briquetting, the wet materials should be dried.