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Wood Peeling Machine

Wood Peeling Machine
  Wood peeling machine, also known as wood peeling machine, wood processing machinery belonging to one family.
  Wood peeling machine mainly by the feeding mechanism, the feeding mechanism, cutter, transmission, chassis and other parts.
  Wood peeling machine features:
  1, with four blade cutter, easy to use and low cost.
  2 cutter surge by the hydraulic control, advanced structure, reliable performance.
  3, feed bodies with continuously variable transmission, on frozen material, bent wood, eucalyptus, oak, elm and other trees with good hard peeling peeling effect.
  4, stripping the net high, high productivity, small wood damage.
  Wood peeling machine works: the logs, tree branches and other wood into drum, the closure of the feed apron, start the machine, running clockwise, inside the timber in the drum with the operation of the machine, so that stripping knife to the wood leather strip. Fifteen minutes later shut down the machine, open the discharge baffle, and then start the machine and run counter-clockwise two minutes, good skin peeling from the drum inside the timber can be automatically sent. Stripping rate can reach 95% of the net.
Wood peeling machine Application: suitable for a new cutting softwood and some hardwood for peeling treatment can be completed part of the frozen material, the dry wood of peeling treatment.
Main Technical Parameter:
Model Yield(T)

Overall dimensions (length X width)m Weight Auxiliary power Speed (minutes)
2500-1.0 1 2.5X1.4 1.8 5.5kw 30
3000-1.2 1.2 3.0X1.6 2.4 7.5kw 27
3000-1.5 1.5 3.0X1.9 3.2 7.5kw 25
3000-2.0 2 3.0X2.2 4.5 11kw 22