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Ball Pressure machine

Ball Pressure Machine
  Ball Pressure machine major role and characteristics:
  The machine can supress all kinds of mineral powder, metal powder, coal powder, coke powder  and other materials to make them molded. Because of the mandatory squeeze rollers , so the products have the three high characteristics : high density ,high strength ,high hardness, 
Because of the mandatory squeeze rollers, so the products have high density, high strength, high hardness, and the local roll is used in 650Mn hard materials with good wear resistance. Effectively improve the life of a roll.
  Ball Pressure machine Working Principle
  This series of ball pressure machine will pass the power on to the two pressure roller through the reducer.The two sides and roll rotation, in both the rotating roll,Natural materials to enter the ball roll mode, with the roll rotation, material pressure on a small become larger, When the material to the two rollers rotating line contact point, the pressure of materials has reached the peak. Tremendous pressure in the role of line, the materials become a finished product from the powder ball.
  After 30 years of concentrated research and development, basing on the original two-roll machine, our company has also developed a good four-roll machine. Four-roller machine working principle is that the two vice-roll pre-suppress materials in the form of pipeline to lay a solid foundation for the finished ball. For finished products heroes ball solid foundation. After the main roll for feeding and secondary pressure, the pressure of materials multiplied, squeeze the ball more solid product. Reached a multiplier effect. Loose on the local materials, such as coke, iron skin, dust powder effects of sludge and other materials is very obvious.

Main Technical Parameter:
Model Reducer speed ratio The dimension of pressing roll speed of main shaft Model of motor Power of motor output(T/h) Assembly bearing Overall dimension
YHQ360-4 ZQ350 1:31.5 φ360*250 15-17r/min Y132M-4 7.5KW 3-5 3516*4 3508*4 CUP206*4 2.26*1.53*1.98
YHQ360-2 ZQ350 1:31.5 φ360*250 15-17r/min Y132M-4 7.5KW 3-5 3516*4 CUP206*4 2.26*1.53*1.76
YHQ400-4 ZQ400 1:31.5 φ400*250 15-17r/min Y160M-4 11KW 4-7 3516*4 3508*4 CUP206*4 2.3*1.38*1.96
YHQ400-2 ZQ400 1:31.5 φ400*250 15-17r/min Y132M-4 7.5KW 4-7 3516*4 CUP206*4 2.2*1.38*1.91
YHQ430-4 ZQ400 1:31.5 φ430*250 15-17r/min Y160M-4 11KW 5-8 3516*4 3508*4 CUP206*4 2.4*1.53*2
YHQ430-2 ZQ400 1:31.5 φ430*250 15-17r/min Y132M-4 7.5KW 5-8 3516*4 CUP206*4 2.3*1.53*1.9
YHQ500-4 ZQ500 1:31.5 φ500*350 15-17r/min Y180L-4 22KW 8-10 3522*4 3508*4 CUP206*4 2.61*1.75*2.35
YHQ500-2 ZQ500 1:31.5 φ500*350 15-17r/min Y160L-4 15KW 8-10 3522*4 CUP206*4 2.61*1.75*2.1
YHQ650-4 ZQ650 1:31.5 φ650*350 15-17r/min Y1200L-4 30KW 12-20 3528*4 3508*4 CUP206*4 3.42*2*2.4
YHQ650-2 ZQ650 1:31.5 φ650*350 15-17r/min Y180L-4 22KW 12-20 3522*4 CUP206*4 3.42*2*2.2
YHY750-4 ZQ750 1:31.5 φ750*380 14-16r/min Y200L-4 Y112M-4 30KW 4KW 25-30 3538*4 3509*4 206*4 3.7*2.55*2.6
YHY850-4 ZQ850 1:31.5 φ850*436 14-16r/min Y225S-4 Y112M-4 37KW 4KW 35-40 3540*4 3509*4 206*4 3.9*2.6*2.7
YHY1000-4 ZQ1000 1:31.5 φ1000*530 14-16r/min Y225M-4 Y112M-4 45KW 4KW 40-45 3544*4 3509*4 206*4 4*2.8*2.8