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Wood Chipper

Wood Chipper

  Wood chipper disc introduction:
  1, I produced a series of chipper is a specialized production of high quality wood chips wood chipper, widely used in paper, particleboard, MDF and other industrial production, stock preparation section in the wood and a single production base, cutting the main raw material is the log. Disc Chipper Wood Chipper Chipper root plate chipper machine wood shavings wood chipper Slicer
  2 Chipper Disc Chipper in this series with low or high voltage, large wood chipper with pulley drive and direct-coupled drive two; feed sub-standard and tilt two ways, the material has on the material and under the material in two ways.
  3 piece machine in this series compact disc chipper, rational layout, ease of installation, operation and maintenance convenience, productivity is high; cutting wood, the wood of high quality, and the chip length can be adjusted freely within the limits prescribed, is the advanced disc chipper.
  4, the series production of disc wood chipper, the user can choose models according to needs.
  5., Series disc wood chipper from the base, cutter, feed, Shell, electronic control system components.
  6, in order to satisfy the market high-quality, high efficiency, high-grade requirements, the company of the disc wood chipper series each year for renovation, and constantly improve product grade. The company's series of wood chipper exported to Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries. At present our company series disc cutter wood chipper wear plate with chrome-plated, fly cutter, bed knife, knife and a special bolt made of special steel used. Large disc wood chipper tool change door with cylinder and manual push-pull of two, available for consumer purchase. Collection of the latest technology, portrait dedication
   New large-scale disc chipper, root chipper, chipper plate, wood shavings machine, wood cutting machine, high output, low energy consumption, wood chips high quality, cost-effective.
  Wood chipper structures: the main by the base, feed, cutting wheel, chassis, chipper blades and electric control component, the aircraft can be adjusted cutting blade, the production of different size and thickness of the wood.
  Wood chipper works: from the inlet into the timber, when the wood cutter cut by exposure to films, with the cutting disc cutter for cutting high-speed rotation, the cutting of wood chips in the cutting room by the cutting cutter blades on the high-speed gas flow generated sent.
  Wood chipper uses: wood chipper to produce wood chips of a dedicated device, the chips are widely used in paper products, particleboard, MDF and so on, the main raw material for the timber.
Main Technical Parameter:

Model Hourly production (tons) Auxiliary power Machine weight(kg)

Spindle speed Cutter diameter Blade (alloy steel)

800 3-6 22kw 550 480 800 4
950 5-8 30kw 800 550 950 4
1100 6-9 45kw 1650 600 1100 4
1210 8-10 75kw 2100 600 1210 4
1410 10-15 90kw 2800 600 1410 4