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230 pellet mill machine

230 pellet mill machine

Pellet machine is suitable for making straw pellet, sawdust pellet and feed pellet.It is multifunction.The materials can be grain stalk,grass,sawdust,corn straw,wheat straw,corn,grain,wheat and so on.

1.The compressed straw piece is suitable to be used as fuels and feedstuff of animals, such as horse, sheep, deer, pig, chicken, etc. Such machines are suitable for large farms, and organic herbal medicine and chemical industry etc.

2.For wood pellets or biomass pellets use:This series flat die pellet presses can be used for producing wood pellets and biomass pellets, too. Wood pelletsare made of all kinds of wood waste. Biomass pellets are made of peanut sheller, corn stalk and other biomass materials.

Raw Material for Making Pellets

Biomass pellets: straw, alfalfa, wood waste, cornstalks, cardboard, grass, leaves, clippings,rice husks, branches, woodshavings, sawdust,etc.
Feed Pellets: Animal feed was a product of materials such as alfalfa, grain and oil cake,etc.
Moisture content of material: 14%-18%
Material size: less than 5mm.

Main Technical Parameter:

Model 230
Power (kw) 11
Sawdust (kg) 150-190
Feed (kg) 300-400
Die diameter(mm) 230
Die hole 2.5-10
Packaing size(cm) 114*48*105