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120 PTO pellet mill machine

120 PTO pellet mill machine

 The home-use pellet mills also named flat die pellet mill, is mainly for home use. Due to its lower cost and simple construction, this type has become the most widespread at residences and farms internationally. Through years of experience in this industry we have acquired advanced technology for wood pelletization. The conditioning of raw materials is one of the most important steps in making wood pellets. Taking into account that wood waste is more difficult to compress than feedstuff, our machinery is able to adjust the material’s moisture and size to make the finest biomass pellets.

Raw Material for Making Pellets

Biomass pellets: straw, alfalfa, wood waste, cornstalks, cardboard, grass, leaves, clippings,rice husks, branches, woodshavings, sawdust,etc.
Feed Pellets: Animal feed was a product of materials such as alfalfa, grain and oil cake,etc.
Moisture content of material: 14%-18%
Material size: less than 5mm.

Main Technical Parameter:

Model 120
Power (hp) 6--10
Sawdust (kg) 40-60
Feed (kg) 60-100
Die diameter(mm) 120
Die hole 2.5-10
Packaing size(cm) 75*35*65